Global Study Trip Programme

Study Trip to ESMT Berlin, Germany

To enable participants to learn more about Germany’s success on Hidden Champions and Industry 4.0, the programme partnered with the world-class European School of Management and Technology (ESMT Berlin) to conduct a Germany study trip in July 2019. The trip was an integral part of an elective course entitled “Selected Topics in Business and Management: Revealing Germany’s Secret of Hidden Champions and Industry 4.0.” Senior faculty at ESMT Berlin conducted a series of seminars on the following topics: “Germany’s Economy – the Creation of Wealth,” “Hidden Champions – the Innovation Fabric of Germany’s Economy,” “Counter Strategies of German Manufacturers in Global Markets,” “Industry 4.0 – Core Elements and Application Areas” and “The Promise of Blockchain – Blockchain and Its Industrial Application.” The participants also visited companies including Viessmann, Berliner Glas and Volkswagen.

Video Highlights – Study Trip to ESMT Berlin, Germany

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Since 2011, partnerships have been established between CUHK’s EMBA programme and other world-class universities to offer EMBA participants the opportunity to undertake global study trips. On top of the ESMT Berlin, our partnering universities also include the followings:
University of Cambridge
University of Oxford
Stanford University
University of California, Berkeley
Tel Aviv University