CUHK EMBA Alumni Association

With the programme’s strong alumni base of more than 1,110 EMBA alumni, the CUHK EMBA Alumni Association (CUHK EMBA AA) was formally established and inaugurated in November 2014.

Since its establishment, a number of activities have been organised by the Association focusing on the following pillars:

Thought Leadership
Women Leaders Chapter
Social Contribution

2018 - 2019

Ambassadors to New EMBA Participants at CUHK EMBA Residence Week Orientation Reception (August 2018)
Thought Leadership Programme
Mindful Leadership Workshop (March 2019)
Empowering Top Management with Cyber Security (May 2019)
Chinese Culture and Management Series 中國文化與管理系列
The Future of Greater China from I-Ching Perspective: Analyzing Sino-American Trade War with Chinese Wisdom
從易經智慧看中港台未來 – 並剖析中美貿易戰的規律 (October 2018)
Corporate Management with Chinese Wisdom
企業管理的中華智慧 – 修身齊家、治國平天下 (February 2019)
Ethics & Morality vs Law & Order: The Essence of Traditional Chinese Management
中國歷朝管理哲學 – 外儒內法 (June 2019)
Women Leaders Chapter
Drinks Night (November 2018)

Women Leaders Annual Conference – 3.8 International Women’s Day (March 2019)
Social Contribution
《DROP社。得》5-Day Social Hacker Training Workshop – Unlock Business for Good
Day 1: “How to assess social impact?” by Fullness Social Enterprises Society (August 2018)
Day 2: “How to deal with corporate resistance?” by Shared Value Project, HK (October 2018)
Day 3: “How to start impact hiring?” by Fullness Social Enterprises Society (November 2018)
Day 4: “Unlock Business for Good” by Dream Impact & Team Social Hacking (December 2018)
Day 5: Final Teams Sharing Finale (January 2019)
CUHK EMBA Alumni Association Facebook: www.facebook.com/cuhkembaaa