CUHK EMBA Alumni Association

With the programme’s strong alumni base of more than 1,160 EMBA alumni, the CUHK EMBA Alumni Association (CUHK EMBA AA) was formally established and inaugurated in November 2014.
Since its establishment, a number of activities have been organised by the Association focusing on the following pillars:
Thought Leadership
Social Contribution
Women Leaders Chapter
Sports & Wellness

2019 - 2020

Ambassadors to New EMBA Participants at CUHK EMBA Residence Week Orientation Reception (August 2019)
Annual General Meeting (August 2019)
Mr. Andy Ann, CUHK EMBA AA President (front row, fourth from left)
Sports and Wellness
How to Design Your Own Training Programme Workshop (December 2019)
Women Leaders Chapter
Yoga + Dinner to Relax Your Body & Mind after Work (December 2019)
Happy 3.8 Women’s Day: Be Good to Yourself, and Have The Strength To Be Good to Others – A 30 Days Wellness Marathon (March 2020)
Social Contribution
Stand United Against Epidemic Campaign《同舟共濟抗疫募捐行動》 (February to March 2020)
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