Fees & Finance


The total tuition for new participants being admitted in the 2024-25 academic year is HK$720,000 for the whole course, plus around HK$30,000 for the expense in the Residence Week in first year.

Tuition is paid in 8 installments over the 2 academic years, no refund once the tuition is paid. A sample payment schedule is shown below for reference:


Early Acceptance Award

Applicants submitting their full applications in the early stage of the EMBA programme’s admission cycle will be automatically considered for the Early Acceptance Award.

Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme (ENLS)

The Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme (ENLS) provides loans to eligible students to settle tuition fees of specific post-secondary/continuing and professional education courses studied in Hong Kong including CUHK EMBA programme. The ENLS life-time loan limit is HK$398,300 in 2023-24, and the interest rate is 2.42% per annum (as of 1 August 2023).

Continuing Education Fund (CEF)

The Continuing Education Fund (CEF) subsidises adults with learning aspirations to pursue continuing education and training. Each eligible applicant is entitled to a maximum sum of HK$25,000 subsidy. CUHK EMBA is included in the list of CEF reimbursable courses, partcipants may apply for reimbursement upon successful completion of the whole EMBA programe.