Greater China EMBA Elite Study Week (Taipei, Jan 2018)

To widen students’ perspective in Greater China, the programme partnered with the EMBA Programmes of Peking University and the National Taiwan University to conduct the “Greater China EMBA Elite Study Week”, which was the first of its kind worldwide. The three universities are taking turns to host a study week in their home regions. The programme strategically provided a platform for the three groups of EMBA participants in Greater China to interact and develop friendships.

Video Highlights – Greater China Study Week Programme

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Last year, the CUHK EMBA programme hosted the study week in Hong Kong, with the theme of “Hong Kong as a Global Financial Centre: Present and Future”. This year in January, the National Taiwan University EMBA programme hosted the study week in Taiwan, with the theme of “Social Innovation”. Lectures, seminars and site visits were conducted to enable participants to identify in-depth the gist behind service innovation and to come up with insights to help corporations make better decisions in the future. There was a visit to the Good Liver Foundation (好心肝基金會) and representatives from the Good Liver Service Center interacted with participants on a wide range of issues on how innovative thinking relates to social service.