Sergei Balalaev

Head of Marketing Department
JSC Russian Railways, Far Eastern Branch
(EMBA Class of 2017)

My company is the backbone of the transport system in Russia. We connect the coast of the Pacific Ocean in the northeast part of Asia with the eastern territories of Europe. Therefore, it is very important for us to increase our business skills and obtain the ability to use the most effective tools of contemporary management in the huge mass of northern Eurasia. However, acquiring a deep understanding of the differences between the Western and Eastern ways of doing business, and of the culture of Greater China, are no less significant. In this connection, the EMBA at CUHK was the only reasonable choice for me from the wide spectrum of business schools in East Asia.

It was a great challenge to be a CUHK EMBA student. I’ve found many differences between the ways of teaching on the CUHK EMBA and those at the universities in my country. Nevertheless, the kind attention of the professors and CUHK staff has helped me adapt very quickly. I had an interesting and exciting study journey at CUHK EMBA.