Michael Schuerch

(EMBA Class of 2017)

I had the idea of pursuing an EMBA before 2015, but I always found excuses to delay it. Either I was too busy at work or traveling across the world, or simply did not fancy going back to school. However, my responsibilities with the birth of my lovely daughter finally gave me the necessary boost to review my career path.

But which programme fits me best? Which school has the right cultural balance between East and West? It was not an easy choice, especially as a Swiss, a foreigner. However, after moving back to Hong Kong, I was glad to have found what I was looking for at CUHK EMBA.

It has been a very rewarding journey, not only because I have regained theoretical knowledge, but also because of the opportunity to share knowledge and experience among the classmates. Despite living in Asia for more than a decade, the programme is very insightful to me, in particular due to its focus on China. The emphasis on social contribution is what makes the programme unique.

As part of a global business transformation programme, time management is my biggest challenge. But with great collaboration among classmates, I have learned to become not only more efficient at studying but also at work. CUHK is all about friendship.