LEE Ka Hing 李嘉興

Associate Director
AIA International Ltd.
(EMBA Class of 2016)

One of my life goals is to become a successful leader. I think a great leader can influence people while still providing them with positive energy. I have worked tirelessly in the insurance industry for over a decade to establish a career for myself, working up from a junior agent to my present position as Associate Director.

Social service is also an important part of my life. I was President of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour from 2011-2012. I also have many years of doing social service projects for various associations, such as fundraising for building clinics and water pumping systems in mainland China, visiting the elderly, and participating in activities for autistic children and the homeless. Through social service and my role as a leader in various associations, I became equipped with leadership abilities that differed from those I had learned in the commercial world. I found it challenging to motivate the people with whom I was serving, as they were already quite successful in their respective fields. It was much harder than managing my subordinates at work, as we were all volunteers.

In the past decade, I have learned a lot from my career and social service. However, I was seeking a platform to consolidate these experiences and inspire me to reach new heights. The EMBA course provided a chance for me to develop my abilities and apply what I learned through practical experience. I have learned about current business trends and strategies in different fields and built up a strong network of peers. I really appreciate the programme, not only for the academic knowledge it has given me, but also for strengthening my skills. My classmates, who are young and successful in their own industries, have also shared their unique perspectives and experiences. The course has given me more innovative ideas and thus has strengthened the impact I can make in my capacity as a great leader in the future.