Kitty Choy 蔡雯慧

Director, Retail
Hysan Development Co., Ltd.
(EMBA Class of 2015)

Having worked in the same company and industry for almost 15 years, it had long been my desire to take an EMBA course to enhance my management skills and strategic thinking, while at the same time exposing myself to different perspectives.  Among the EMBA courses offered locally, CU’s EMBA programme was the one that was highly recommended by my company and business counterparts. I started listening to the “Talking to CEOs” series and “New Thinking in Management” on the radio, which were chaired by Professor Andrew Chan and co-organised with RTHK. These programmes not only taught me about the application of both Western and Chinese management theories and skills in the business world, but also inspired me to further consider the importance of positive thinking and social responsibility, as well as our role in society.  I was very impressed by the programme, and believed this was the EMBA course I should pursue.

I am very glad that I became a member of the EMBA family, and what I am gaining from this programme goes far beyond my expectations.  The class is full of fun and joy.  As most of my fellow classmates are senior executives or owners of businesses in various industries, I am learning a lot from them through the interactive classroom discussions and their valuable sharing.  Furthermore, the global study trip offered me a unique learning experience and greatly reinforced the friendships among class members.

It was certainly not an easy decision to take this two-year course in light of my busy work schedule and family life. I would like to thank my company and family for their support, allowing me to enjoy the study wholeheartedly.  This really is a wonderful and unforgettable learning journey in my life.