Kazuhiko Nishioka 西岡和彥

CORNES Technologies Limited
(EMBA Class of 2017)

My principal objective in pursuing the CUHK EMBA was to broaden and deepen my knowledge of management and to develop my understanding of business in Asia and Western countries. Now, I am sure my decision was correct. This programme is ideal for me as a Japanese expatriate working in Hong Kong.

I firmly believe that Hong Kong is the best place to study Asian and Western business because of its mixed cultural background. I can even study my country, Japan. My classmates are enthusiastic to learn different points of view, which encourages me to study Japanese practices to share them with my classmates. I am always so impressed by my classmates’ insightful comments about Japan from their international business experiences.

My classmates and I are making important business decisions every day. EMBA students are studying not only for the long-term future but also for tomorrow’s decisions. This programme provides many practical and inspiring things that I can use tomorrow.

This programme is tough and challenging, but it definitely sharpens my critical thinking skill to help me reach my own decisions. This ability could not be acquired just by reading books.

Last but not least, the internal and external networks are so powerful here. You will be able to make mutually supportive relationships and strong friendships.