Karim Belhaj

Predator Group
(EMBA Class of 2015)

There I was, at a key junction of my career and life. I had tested my entrepreneurial skills on US soil, building the leading brand in our industry, and had developed an international business capitalising on my network in Europe and Asia.  Yet, I felt that I was not yet done. What next? How could I break that ceiling and reinvent myself? These were some of the questions I was facing before I decided to explore joining the EMBA at CUHK.

I walked into the interview room and met Professor Chan and Professor Lam. They shared their global vision to “combine tradition with modernity, and bring together China and the West.”  I loved the idea; I realised that I wanted something different from what I had received during my college years in Europe and in the USA.  The programme felt like a great complement to my previous experiences.  Then, they explained how they formed the six pillars of the programme, “theories, practices, internal network, external network, strategic perspectives, and social contribution.”  Their approach was different; they understood what I was searching for. I decided to join the programme.

It was a great decision.  The programme delivered on its promise and I built a great network of friends and advisors. I was able to tweak my strategy in Asia according to what I learnt.  I was armed with new tools, focused on innovation that opened up new perspectives.

Ever since childhood, I had always felt that I was on a quest to make an impact on the world. Well, I am more on track now than ever!