Karen Cheung 張嘉欣

Chief Financial Officer
AsiaWorld-Expo Management Ltd.
(EMBA Class of 2016)

“Are you hungry? Are you foolish?” As Chief Financial Officer, it was once hard for me to answer “Yes” to these questions, but that is my answer after experiencing life in CUHK’s EMBA programme.

The more I learn and contemplate, the more I am eager to explore. We must unlearn and then relearn; this is the key to unlocking our ability to change and succeed in an uncertain, unpredictable and constantly evolving environment.

The people around me are truly inspiring. We have vigorous discussions during class, and even after class, particularly on how modern management methods collide with traditional methods, and on how to integrate the Western and Chinese cultures.

The emphasis on social contribution is another unparalleled perspective that makes the programme unique. It is the core value for creating positive influence in the business community and for the betterment of society.

The world is changing much faster than you can imagine. It is more important than ever to continue to learn and step outside of your comfort zone. “A thousand-mile voyage starts with the first step” (千里之行始於足下). I have made the first small step and it has been truly rewarding.