Henry Chan 陳力元

Deputy Chief Hospital Manager
Union Hospital
(EMBA Class of 2014)

“An EMBA is for business executives only” is a terribly misleading statement. It is even more important for those in the professions.

I am a doctor by training, specialising in the treatment of gastrointestinal and liver diseases. I joined the University in 2002, and have since excelled in research, teaching and clinical service. Within nine years, I completed the journey to a chair professorship in medicine. Suddenly, I found myself the “big boss,” with over 100 research and clinical colleagues on my payroll. I am also responsible for accounting and human resources matters for several service centers and research institutes, and am the mastermind of all marketing activities in my territory. I have to set the future strategy of the organisation. None of the knowledge I need to succeed in these new roles is taught in the medical school, which to a certain extent offers vocational training to medical professionals. I do not believe that medicine is alone in this regard. Other professions face the same problem.

I must admit that a two-year EMBA programme is a huge commitment. The EMBA programme at CUHK is the most relevant for professionals with a local and China perspective. The bonding with alumni is amazing. I felt like I was being born into a new family on the day I started the residence week. The bombardment of business knowledge in the programme, combined with my professional experience, has created a very fine chemical reaction that is providing a solid framework for organisational management. I am evolving into a rare talent in my profession after having completed two years of EMBA training.

Studying in the CUHK EMBA programme has undoubtedly been the right choice for me. It has opened up a new page in my career.