George Wong 黃銳林

Bauhaus Holdings Ltd.
(EMBA Class of 2014)

“Your left circle has left you forever. You, as the right circle, can only try hard to catch up.” This is learned from the first lesson in marking in my first year of study.

In my second year of study, I learned about the Yin-Yang concept in the first lesson on the I Ching.

These two flashes of wisdom from just two lessons showered me with new insights, and in the entire course, there are certainly more treasures to uncover.

After repeating the same daily routine for more than 20 years, I had somehow become a dehydrated sponge, with dried-out creativity and a stereotyped management style, gradually falling behind the wheel of time. I realised that I had to seek change to avoid being eliminated from the market. Continuous learning is the best way to seek self-development and self-improvement. I am glad that I have engaged in the EMBA programme at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The stringent regulations of this programme have brought me, a company founder so used to wilfulness and freedom for more than 20 years, back to discipline and order. This benefit alone exceeds my expectations.

The students in the EMBA programme are all outstanding elites and represent top talent from various sectors. I am so lucky to have met them, shared with them and learned from them. The gains I have made are simply immeasurable in monetary terms.

Activities of various nature constitute important parts of the programme as a whole. Brilliant professors and scholars, along with leaders from different industry sectors acting as guest speakers who add value to the programme, bring me knowledge, inspiration, interest, vision and connection with the external world.

Studying in this programme nourishes me, that former dehydrated sponge, with the nutrients I need to thrive. I have re-equipped myself, regained energy and am now ready to restart my journey.