Gammy Kwok

Founder & Managing Director
Herbs Generation International Ltd.
(EMBA Class of 2019)

CUHK EMBA Alumni Gammy Kwok

Gammy was awarded the GBA Outstanding Women Entrepreneur in 2020

Described by Professor Andrew Chan, then Director of the CUHK EMBA programme, as a bee flying inside a bottle with no means of getting out, Gammy was concerned about how she could find a way to overcome the impasse of a growth bottleneck she faced in her business. The suggestion was that she could find new ideas, energy and resources in the CUHK EMBA programme.

“Running a small-to-medium sized business, I spent almost all my time and effort on the numbers, controlling our costs and budgets, and constantly examining our top and bottom lines,” recalls Gammy. Her attention was indeed all on the trees rather than the forest. The “big picture” was all but ignored. While busy, she was in fact far from effective.

“Using the Left-Right Circles theory, I was able to develop a greater understanding of the strategic process, especially on the blue-ocean opportunities, enlightening me to the realization of untapped opportunities in the marketing and sales area,” further reflects Gammy with great delight. 

Most importantly, she was advised to work on a sustainable competitive advantage for her business. “Professor Chan always encouraged me to re-define my business vision and mission, which helped direct our company’s energy and focus towards building what could be a long-term advantage,” Gammy expresses unreserved gratitude towards her great mentor.

“In addition, Professor Sin’s teaching on the traditional Chinese classic I-Ching 《易經》gave me great perspectives in life as well as in business. I gained much wisdom in dealing with the crisis confronting us even before we finished the course,” concludes Gammy thankfully.

Gammy has no hesitation to recommend the CUHK EMBA programme to anyone who has a penchant for continuous improvement in this fast-changing world. A perspective is necessary amidst all the drudgery we face in our busy lives.