Frank Xia 夏方方

Managing Director
Steyr Motors Hong Kong Co., Ltd.
(EMBA Class of 2016)

I’m sure you must be feeling the same kind of anxiety I felt a few years ago, thirsty for specialist knowledge and hungry for innovative ideas. After 23 years in my career, I felt a desire, a need to recharge myself, and then I applied for the CUHK EMBA programme.

As an executive of a multi-national company and a global business traveler, time management was the biggest challenge for me while studying for the EMBA. However, this programme is worth your time, and if I can do it, so can you!

The courses are pragmatic, professional, and at a very high academic level. The excellent teaching, coaching, and communicating by all of the professors added great value to the programme, and left me feeling satisfied and fulfilled. Most significantly, they guided me and helped me to achieve several successful projects in my work.

Moreover, throughout the years, apart from “Talking to CEOs” programme, Professor Chan regularly invited VIPs and successful people from different fields to share their stories and tips on everything from management to social responsibility. This provided me with great wealth for my lifelong study.

I am very satisfied that I chose to attend the CUHK EMBA programme, as it is not only excellent in providing you with work skills, but is also a great course for learning life skills. The CUHK EMBA has changed my life!