Aves Chan, Alan Lai & Jeffrey Pong 陳鏡東、黎嘉豪、龐朝輝

(EMBA Class of 2017)

The partnership of Jeffrey Pong, a medical doctor, Aves Chan, a Fellow Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and Alan Lai, a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in public health, first meeting as fellow EMBA students and eventually deciding to go together into a new business venture, is an amazing story from our CUHK EMBA programme.

The three partners find themselves a perfect fit for this venture with contributions from their respective areas of professional expertise. Their first clinic, named the CLINIC, which specialises on eye and skin care, was opened in 2016. They hope their business will grow and develop to an IPO level in due course.

For Jeffrey, who is a highly qualified eye doctor in the medical field, comes to the EMBA programme to learn business. To him, picking up valuable knowledge in business strategies and management techniques is important, but possibly not as much as the excellent friendships he has now attained with his EMBA classmates who are talented individuals possessing high business acumen and are also very eager to learn.

Jeffrey’s view is fully shared by both Aves and Alan. To them, the uniqueness of the EMBA programme is in the diversity that is embodied whereby they find not only business executives and professional specialists studying with them but also a lot of business owners who can be their excellent go-to resources now that they are joining their ranks as entrepreneurs.

Aves and Alan also believe that the CUHK EMBA programme serves them the best as it has the most intimate knowledge of Hong Kong and China while encompassing a broad global perspective. This unique blend makes the programme very special.

Starting up a business certainly was not what they were expecting before they joined the EMBA programme. Somehow, they should all realise now that the greatest benefit they have got is not only in the two years they spend in the course. The benefit is likely to be extended to their lifetimes after they have established this unbelievable bonding taking them to a new height and horizon.