Annie Lyu 呂航

Head of Food
Nestle (China) Ltd.
(EMBA Class of 2018)

I had always planned to study for an MBA or EMBA, but repeatedly made excuses to delay this plan, citing either family-related reasons or “poor timing.” I finally made the decision to enroll in CUHK’s EMBA programme after being promoted to the position of head of a business unit in the Taiwanese market in 2015. I lacked the confidence to deal with a different culture and a market at a different stage of development. My solid 16 years of work experience on the mainland and knowledge of the food and beverage industry seemed insufficient to guide me through. However, I was strongly motivated to equip myself with relevant management skills, people skills, theoretical knowledge and experience of business frameworks. I was inspired by the motto of the CUHK EMBA programme, “Tradition and Modernity, Chinese and Western,” on meeting with Professor Andrew Chan, the EMBA programme director. After sharing my concerns with Professor Chan and listening to his advice on career progression, I was even more confident in my decision to apply for the programme.

The two years of the programme were not easy, especially as I had to fly back and forth between Beijing, Taipei and Hong Kong, but it was both fulfilling and rewarding. I am impressed by the rigorous scholarship at CUHK: the well-selected curriculum and the professionalism of distinguished international faculty allow us to make the most of every course. I have immensely enjoyed interacting with my classmates, who are from a range of industries and have a range of skillsets and positions; we have engaged in numerous discussions, debate and sharing sessions. Even more valuable is the opportunity to enhance my understanding of cultural differences and work as part of a diverse team to achieve shared goals. I have made lots of caring friends at CUHK, and established strong bonds with my fellow EMBA classmates.