Andy Ann

Founder and Chairman
NDN Group
(EMBA Class of 2009)

CUHK EMBA Alumni Andy Ann

Andy was awarded Young Entrepreneur Winner of DHL and SCMP in 2008 and EO Piaget in 2013.

Andy has certainly benefited tremendously from the CUHK EMBA programme since he joined the programme in 2007. While only a very young entrepreneur when he joined, he has navigated through the world of technology and entrepreneurship since, building his business into a wide spectrum of initiatives that aim at making positive contributions to the world. 

“There are ups and downs in business. Over the years, I have always drawn important lessons back from the programme on how I can use a step-by-step process to develop a strategic approach to tackle my problems,” recalls Andy.

In addition, he sees a unique advantage in the programme of bringing together “Chinese wisdom” and Western management. This mindset that bridges the East and the West helps him greatly as he takes his business outside Hong Kong.

Network is another important benefit coming out of this programme. “I can always reach out to different people in the EMBA network including accountants, finance professionals, clients, and even government officials, whenever I need advice,” Andy talks of this intangible asset.

This networking advantage is exponentially expanded as Andy now serves as the president of the CUHK EMBA Alumni Association. As Andy describes, “It is amazing to go across all EMBA classes and have opportunities to work with different people on various projects and activities that become part of our lifetime learning.”

Lifetime learning is indeed what motivates Andy to put in time and effort towards the alumni association. “The field trip to Sweden during my EMBA studies exposed me to a different dimension of business management in the form of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG). Fast forward to today, one of our alumni association initiatives is towards ESG, in which we work to come up with sustainable business models for social enterprises for the good of society,” explains Andy.

Undoubtedly, learning is well beyond the two years of EMBA studies.