Amy Fung 馮丹媚

Chief Executive Officer
New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
(EMBA Class of 2017)

Working in the non-profit sector is certainly no easier than working in the commercial sector in our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world today. Life is made even harder by the fact that the non-profit sector faces greater constraints in the quest for talents and resources.

Not exempt from the universal demand for delivering quality services, non-profit organisations are equally directed by visions and missions along with well-executed strategic plans. This has prompted Amy to embark on a deep learning journey through the CUHK EMBA programme to get herself adequately prepared for these challenges.

“I am a strong believer of growth, for work and for personal development. Embracing challenges is the springboard for growth and improvement. The power of “Yet” is anything but powerful. My learning of such disciplines as macroeconomics, entrepreneurship, corporate finance, business analysis, leadership and I-Ching《易經》, while seemingly irrelevant to my work, gives me the insights that a broad perspective is only a matter of ‘Yet’. To climb higher and see wider, I need to adopt a view that is no different from what is required of a business executive,” reflects Amy.

As a social service professional, Amy very much appreciates and treasures the diversity within the EMBA network. “Even though we come from very different backgrounds, we hold the same belief in social contribution and wellbeing of the entire society,” Amy talks of her EMBA classmates with delight. “Social Contribution”, the sixth pillar of the EMBA programme, ensures that those who come through this programme will take it as an important part of their life purpose.

To Amy, the miracle of “Yet” is ongoing and is going deeper and deeper into her inner being. “The programme has not only opened my eyes to the world of knowledge, but more importantly, it has helped me adjust my internal compass in search of my ‘True North’,” proclaims Amy with resoluteness.