Amy Chan 陳念慈

Executive Manager, Racing Development Board/ Headmistress, Apprentice Jockeys' School
The Hong Kong Jockey Club
(EMBA Class of 2014)

In today’s fast-moving information era, I am keenly aware of the importance of being an agent for change. I thus decided that I needed more inspiration at work and in the community work in which I was involved. I am of the opinion that learning is life-long in nature. Accordingly, I looked into various short courses, but none offered what I was looking for. It was not until I met Professor Andrew Chan at a function that I realised the CUHK EMBA programme was the one for me. I wanted to equip myself with better skills and become more creative to lead my team in facing the challenges ahead. 

As Professor Chan said: “You need to unlearn, relearn and learn for a better future.” I agree completely with this principle. The programme has helped me consolidate the knowledge I have gained through real-life experience in my job area and back it up with solid theories. Moreover, I have gained valuable insights through interaction with my classmates and professors. They are all professionals and executives from various industries, and I have found them highly knowledgeable and interesting. The programme experience has exceeded my expectations. Not only do the professors help me hone the critical skills required for success at work, but I treasure the time spent with my classmates, just like I did in my old school days. The class produced a rare book, and we sang the theme song for the CUHK EMBA 20th anniversary. Both will become great memories of my time at CUHK.