Alfred Cheung 張子裘

Deputy Chief Executive
BOC Group Life Assurance Co., Ltd.
(EMBA Class of 2017)

After working in the actuarial profession for more than 15 years, I was promoted in 2013 to my current position managing the business of the company, in which I am responsible for developing distribution channels, product design, and marketing. This is definitely a turning point in my career, moving me from financial analysis to people management, from back office to front line, and – in short – from numbers to business.

To equip myself with more sophisticated management skills, I decided to enrol in an EMBA programme in 2015, and I made the right choice with the CU EMBA programme because of two unique elements that are not available in its counterparts in Hong Kong. The first is the programme’s ability to link Chinese and Western cultures and management styles, the best example of which is the course “I Ching and Leadership.” Another unique and important element of the CU EMBA programme is its emphasis on corporate social responsibility, which exactly fits with my view that a business should be run to make profit, but at the same time should contribute to society.

After the two years of study with the CU EMBA family, I have been greatly inspired in the areas of management, marketing, and leadership, and this in turn has helped me with my management role at work. This is not only the result of the lectures conducted by international renowned professors, but also the interactive discussions and sharing with my fellow classmates, who come from senior positions in their industries. It has been a great journey to learn from their valuable experiences, which have been practical, useful, and rewarding. What I have treasured most has been the networking and friendships with my classmates, who are all so remarkable, smart, and lovely. I am very proud to be one of the CU EMBA family.