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Israel Field Trip
June 2017

Israel Field Trip

Israel, known as the “Start-up Nation,” has nurtured thousands of start-ups and attracted many venture capital funds to the country. With very limited natural resources and unfavorable political environment, Israel has developed its unique entrepreneurial spirit and strategic global mindset that foster innovation and advanced technologies. To gain an in-depth understanding of the Israeli ecosystem as well as the critical factors behind its success, the EMBA graduating class undertook a field trip to Israel between June 11 and 15. The trip was an integral part of a core course entitled “Global Business and Management Field Study.” This course gives participants the opportunity to travel outside Hong Kong and gain exposure to different national environments and business operations. Previous EMBA graduates have carried out field studies in major cities in China, Singapore, the U.K., Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and the U.S.

Video Highlights – Israel Field Trip

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Pre-trip Presentations in Hong Kong

Visits to Corporations, University and Government Agency in Israel

Happy Moments in Israel