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CUHK EMBA Alumni Association

The CUHK EMBA Alumni Association was formally established and inaugurated in November 2014.

Since its establishment, a number of activities have been organized by the Association focusing on the following pillars initiated by the CUHK EMBA program:

  • Learning and Development
  • Networking
  • Social Contribution

CUHK EMBA Alumni Association Facebook:

Social Angels 6-month Mentoring Program
(September 2015 – July 2016)

The Social Angels mentoring program is a strategic partnership of the Association with The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) to match accomplished top business executives with social enterprises which are looking for business advice. In 2015-16, six EMBA alumni teams have matched with six different social enterprises for a 6-month mentoring program.

Basketball Team
(November 2015 – February 2016)

A basketball team was formed in November 2015 and a series of friendly matches have been arranged with PWC, DBS, Ocean Park and other universities in 2016. The team achieved an excellent result (2nd runner up) among 8 teams in the Inter-U MBA/EMBA Basketball Team Competition held in February 2016.

Retreat and brainstorming
(January 2016)

A brainstorming session was conducted in January 2016 for further fostering the Association’s mission including strengthening the alumni network and serving the society better via the Social Angels mentoring program, etc. The Ex-Co and sub-committee members initiated and discussed a number of innovative ideas in the session.

Macau Study Trip
(March 2016)

A group of EMBA alumni travelled to Macau in March 2016 to explore the recent developments and challenges in Macau. They visited the Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of Health Science of the University of Macau. The visit was followed by a spring lunch warmly hosted by the CUHK Alumni Association in Macau. The trip ended with a visit to Hengqin (橫琴).

Personal Image Workshop by Patrick Henri
(April 2016)

CUHK EMBA Alumni Association – Annual General Meeting
(April 2016)

Farewell Dinner for Professor K. C. Mun, CUHK EMBA Founding Director
(June 2016)