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Greater China Study Week

To widen students’ perspective in Greater China, the program partnered with the EMBA Programs of Peking University and the National Taiwan University to conduct the “Greater China EMBA Elite Study Week,” which was the first of its kind conducted worldwide. The three universities are taking turns to host a study week in their home regions. The program strategically provided a platform for the three groups of EMBA participants in Greater China to interact and develop friendships.

Last year, the Peking University hosted the study week in Beijing, with the theme of “China Economy and Business Operations – Insights on Cultural and Art Industry.” This year in May, the CUHK EMBA program hosted the study week in Hong Kong, with the theme of “Hong Kong as a Global Financial Centre: Present and Future.” Seminars, workshops and site visits were conducted to enable participants to identify in-depth the gist behind HK’s financial technology development, China’s capital markets development, and role of Greater China in the “One Belt, One Road” national project, etc. There was a corporate visit to the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx). The Chief Executive of HKEx, Mr. Charles Li (香港交易所集團行政總裁李小加先生), delivered an insightful speech and interacted with participants on a wide range of financial, management and strategic development issues.