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The contents of the “Talking to CEOs《與CEO對話》” and “New Thinking in Management《管理新思維》” EMBA-RTHK Radio/TV series, EMBA Forum, Conference and Seminars are published and produced regularly as books, newspaper columns and magazine articles in publications such as Hong Kong Economic Journal (信報), Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly (信報財經月刊), Sing Tao Daily (星島日報) and Headline Daily (頭條日報). Over 1,000 articles have been published over the years. Some of these publications have been converted to e-books to facilitate public access.

CUHK EMBA Management Book Series

The EMBA programme has produced and published 38 volumes of Chinese-language books and 11 volumes of English-language books since 2004. The following introduces the programme’s two new management books, which are available in major bookstores.

In Chinese
New Thinking in Management《老子⟨道德經⟩︰管理相對論》 , edited by Prof. Sin Yat-Ming, Prof. Andrew Chan, Dr. Wan Wai-Yee, Ms. Selina Wong, Ms. Lydia Leung and Ms. Jenny a Lee, was published in 2018 by Chung Hwa Book Co. (HK) Ltd. The book includes fourteen episodes of the EMBA-RTHK “New Thinking in Management” radio programme. This book shares the philosophy and wisdom of Lao Tzu's strategy and its inspiration to business management. Talking to CEOs XIII 《與CEO對話︰真知灼見》

In English
Refocusing on People: The Balancing Act in Development, edited by Prof. Andrew C. F. Chan, Mr. Joseph H. L. Ko and Mr. Richard F. C. Luk, was published in 2017 by Infolink Publishing Ltd. It contains 12 speeches given by the following guests at EMBA Forum and other events: Mr. Y. K. Pang, GBS, JP; Mr. Pinky Lai; Mr. Francis Lui; Mr. Tobias Benjamin Hekster; Prof. Liu Mingkang; Mr. Rickard Gustafson; Mr. lan Huen; The Hon Lam Woon-Kwong, GBS, JP; Mr. Howard Ling, MH; Mr. Shao Ming Lo; Mr. Timothy Ma, JP; and Mr. Alan Wong, SBS, JP. This book provides food for thought on whether our improved material environment better equips us to seek satisfaction of a higher order. Some of the speeches offer valuable ideas about and insights into people-related issues, while others enhance our understanding of our development process. Refocusing on People: The Balancing Act in Development

CUHK EMBA Articles in Newspapers & Magazines

Our weekly articles, published in the Friday edition of the Hong Kong Economic Journal (信報) and the Headline Daily (頭條日報), deliver the essence of our various radio programmes and speeches, including “Talking to CEOs”, “New Thinking in Management” and “the EMBA Forum” etc. They serve an educational purpose by providing readers with a glimpse of the intelligence and success stories of CEOs and other high achievers in Hong Kong and beyond. Our weekly presence provides valuable on-the-job learning, which is very important in a knowledge-based society such as that of Hong Kong.

Our monthly articles in the Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly (信報財經月刊) and the Sing Tao Daily (星島日報) discuss the challenges and strategies of various industries so that readers gain a clearer picture of where business opportunities and challenges lie and be stimulated to think about the future direction of Hong Kong.

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