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Other Events and Social Activities
Charitable Events and Social Enterprises

Running To Your Home (跑去您屋企)

"Running To Your Home” (跑去您屋企), a charitable organization, was formed by a group of CUHK EMBA alumni in 2011 and transformed to a social enterprise in 2016. Its mission is to develop the social network and promote social integration through running, and ultimately, building a "home" filled with love and care in Hong Kong. Since 2011, runners from the EMBA community, other corporations and non-profit organizations have achieved altogether a running distance of over 3000km and in return, have successfully generated a social contribution of HK$700,000.

One of the highlighted charitable running events, "Run for Vision 2016" (跑去環島手拖手2016), was co-organized with the Hong Kong Blind Union (香港失明人協進會). Runners paired up with the visually impaired runners to complete a 50-km relay along the coastal lines of the Hong Kong Island. This running challenge was a vivid manifesto of social integration.

Another key activity, "Repetitive Elderly Visit"(重覆性獨居長者探訪), was organized to strengthen the social network. Runners visited the same elderly member's home regularly. As a result, both parties established mutual trust and long lasting friendship. While promoting social network in the community, the activity supported the elderly to solve their challenges in daily life, like cleaning their living room, fixing fixtures or buying daily necessities. Up to now, the activity has already taken place in 3 districts, attracting not only individuals but also family members as a group to bring love and warmth to the elderly.

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Run for Vision 2015
Asia Social Innovation Award 2016

In September, the EMBA program supported Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk), a philanthropic organization, in carrying out the Asia Social Innovation Award 2016 competition. The competition aimed to reinforce the social innovation movement in Asia and to arouse public interest in social enterprise. EMBA alumni and participants interested in social enterprise were invited to join the Semi-final Judging Panel and participate in the preliminary selection process.

Left-Right Circles Theory Seminar Series

Topics of the recent Left-Right Circles Theory seminar series include “Facilitation and Left-Right Circles (當促導遇上左右圈)”, “Left-Right Circles and My Career (左右圈與我)” and “Disruptive Innovations and Left-Right Circles (顛覆性創新與左右圈)”.

Other Forum

EMBA-CUBBA Alumni Association Joint Forum

In May, the EMBA program co-organized with the CUBBA Alumni Association to conduct a joint Forum on the topic of “The Co-existing Yin and Yang (陰陽的共在關係)”. Prof. K. C. Mun, Emeritus Professor of Marketing, was the keynote speaker.

Legacy Academy Conference

In May, the EMBA program supported Legacy Academy to conduct the Legacy Academy Conference 2016. The conference was hosted by Dr. Michael Y. K. Chan, Honorary Chairman of Legacy Academy; and Dr. Amen Lee, President of Legacy Academy. Prof. Andrew Chan was the moderator of the conference.