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EMBA Radio/TV Series
The “Talking to CEOs《與CEO對話》” and the “New Thinking in Management《管理新思維》 ” Radio/TV Series, coorganized by the CUHK EMBA Program and RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong), were broadcast on RTHK Radio One, RTHK 31, i-Cable Live News Channel, now Business News Channel and now Direct Channel. Highly-regarded company and organization leaders in Hong Kong were invited to participate in the programs, which were hosted by Professor Andrew Chan, the Director of the EMBA Program, and some other guest hosts. The program's principal objectives are to leverage the management experiences, insights and personal philosophies of these leaders to demonstrate their positive attitude and creative thinking towards crises as well as to bring encouraging messages to the Hong Kong community and the surrounding regions.

To reach a broader audience and readers, these broadcasts are published regularly in books and newspapers, such as Hong Kong Economic Journal, Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly, Sing Tao Daily and Headline Daily. Some of these publications have been converted to e-books to facilitate public access. The Hong Kong public can also listen to the “Talking to CEOs” and “New Thinking in Management” series through podcasts.