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With effect from 2017-18, new 1.5-unit short-term electives have been introduced to give participants more course variety and time flexibility. In general, participants are now required to complete eight 3-unit core courses during the first year and 21 units of electives plus one 3-unit core course (EMBA 6071 Global Business and Management Field Study) during the second year to graduate from the program.

Curriculum 2018-19
1st term:
EMBA 5011
Management of the Corporation 公司管理 (Residence Week) (3-unit)
ACCT 5511
Accounting for Business Decisions
會計在商業決策的作用 (3-unit)
MKTG 5011
Marketing Management 營銷管理 (3-unit)
2nd term:
DSME 5011
Macroeconomics in a Globalized Era
全球化時代中的宏觀經濟學 (3-unit)
DSME 5021
Business Analytics 商務分析 (3-unit)
3rd term:
ACCT 5551
Business Law 商業法律 (3-unit)
MGNT 6171
Crafting and Executing Winning Strategies
制定及執行致勝策略 (3-unit)
4th term:
FINA 5015
Corporate Financial Analysis & Decision-Making
企業財務分析與決策 (3-unit)
1st - 4th terms:
Electives (21 units)
Example: Seven 3-unit Electives, or
Six 3-unit Electives and two 1.5-unit Electives

4th term:
EMBA 6071 Global Business and Management Field Study
環球工商管理考察研究 (core course) (3-unit)

A Sample of Electives
EMBA 6061 Seminar on Business and Management Issues 工商管理問題研討 (3-unit)
- included the following topics in previous years:
  • Strategic Leadership 策略領導
  • When East Meets West 中西合璧管理觀
EMBA 6062 Selected Topics in Business and Management 商業與管理專題討論 (3-unit)
- included the following topics in previous years:
  • Cambridge Stakeholder Leadership Program 劍橋領導學研討
  • Design and Innovation Management 設計與創新管理
  • Greater China EMBA Elite Study Week (a joint course with the Peking University and the National Taiwan University)
    大中華EMBA精英研習週 (Teaching Language: Mandarin)
  • SMI-Strategic Mindset and Innovation – The Israeli Model 以色列策略性及創新思維研討週
EMBA 6063 Contemporary Perspectives of Effective Management 現代有效管理 (1.5-unit)
- included the following topics in previous years:
  • e-Platform for Business Strategies 應用電子化平台於企業經營策略
  • The Leader as Coach and Change Agent 領導者作為輔導者與變革者
EMBA 6064 Current Practices for Business Success 當前商業成功實務 (1.5-unit)
- included the following topics in previous years:
  • Partnering with Investors to Accelerate Entrepreneurial Growth 夥同投資者合力扶助創業騰飛
  • Global Supply Chain Strategies 環球供應鏈戰略
FINA 6081 Investments 金融投資 (3-unit)
MGNT 6521 I Ching and Leadership 《易經》與領導 (Teaching Language: Cantonese) (3-unit)
MKTG 6021 Business Negotiation 商業談判 (3-unit)

* Participants are required to complete EMBA 5011 Management of the Corporation (Residence Week) prior to taking other EMBA courses.
Other than the 3-unit core course EMBA6071 Global Business and Management Field Study offered in the 4th term in the second year, participants are required to complete electives of a total of 21 units. Electives are either 3-unit or 1.5-unit electives normally offered in the second year. Due to the course nature and time schedule of some teachers, some electives may be conducted during weekdays and/or in a 4-Day/5-Day teaching mode.

Due to unforeseeable changes, some of the electives listed above may not be offered in a particular academic year. However, electives of other topics will be offered as substitute.