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The EMBA (Executive MBA) Program at The Chinese University of Hong Kong is the first program of its kind offered in Hong Kong. The program, initially offered by the CUHK Business School in 1993, is a two-year part-time program that is unique in its approach to graduate business education in Hong Kong.


The EMBA program was established with the objective of developing in our participants the essential skills and knowledge for modern management, and preparing them for general management responsibilities at the senior executive level. In light of rising corporate and managerial complexity and new challenges facing senior executives, the program aims to improve participants’ analytical and decision-making capabilities, and enhance the competitive advantages of their enterprises. Relevance will be emphasized in the context of Hong Kong’s strategic location within China and the Asia-Pacific region.

Program of Study

The EMBA program of study reflects our commitment to relevance and excellence by focusing on strategy and the integrative nature of the business environment in which senior executives operate. Each year approximately 45-50 persons are admitted to the program. Participants are expected to retain their full-time job responsibilities throughout their EMBA study.

Two years of study are required - each consisting of four terms. Two one-week, in-residence study programs are respectively scheduled at the beginning and end of the program. The firstyear program provides a solid foundation in all major business functions and an introduction to the various changing business environments. The second-year program uses a functionally integrative approach that emphasizes broad-based strategies and policies.

Program Overview