The total tuition for new students being admitted in the 2022-23 academic year is HK$670,000* for the whole course, plus around HK$28,000 for the expense in the Residence Week in first year. Tuition is paid in four installments per academic year. After paying the first installment, each participant must then pay the second, third and fourth installments respectively in each term. A typical payment schedule in the first year is shown below:

1st Installment:

 HK$153,625* (HK$125,625 (3 core courses) + HK$28,000 Residence Week expense)

2nd Installment:

 HK$41,875* (1 core course)

3rd Installment:

 HK$41,875* (1 core course)

4th Installment:

 HK$83,750* (2 core courses)

*The amount is subject to University’s final approval.


No refund will be made once the tuition is paid. In addition, sundry expenses are to be paid separately and each participant is also required to pay a deposit of a few hundred Hong Kong dollars as caution money, which is refundable at the termination of the participant’s study after all financial obligations toward the University are satisfied, or the deposit is normally transferred for payment of the graduation fee.